Monday, January 08, 2007

My First Sleepover with Grandma and Pops

On Christmas Eve, I got to sleep over at Grandma and Pops house for the first time. They did a "Jews in Sports" theme for my bedtime story that night. I read a book about jews in sports, played with a huge blue tennis ball and wore a Nike Tennis bib. It was fun!

While I was there, I spent time in my new exersaucer they got me

And Grandma took me and Freddy for a walk

And I spent some time relaxing in my bouncy seat.

Even though I missed Mommy and Daddy, I had a great time with them. Can't wait to spend the night again soon!


Grandma Penny said...

We can't wait for you to sleep over again! You are so much fun to play with.
lovehugsandkisses, Grandma and Papa Barry

Grandma Penny said...

And.... Goofy was dressed as a volleyball player...
love, pops