Sunday, October 01, 2006

Much Needed Update

In my awesome rocking chair from my Great Aunt Arlene (hopefully I will sit up in it alone soon!)
Resting on Daddy with a duck on my butt

Snuggling up to Grammy during my weeklong visit for Rosh Hashanah
Snuggling with Aunt Rachel

The whole Niskar Clan (including Owen - my dog uncle - and Calvin - my dog cousin!)

Dressed up like Daddy for Yom Kippur

My family (with me asleep - it's daytime, what do you expect?)

The Gold Clan (my uncles and aunt and cousin Marin)

I have been a very busy boy! I spent a week with Mommy at Grammy and Grandpa's house. I got to meet lots of new people. We went to Temple and I got to see where my Mommy grew up. I even saw pictures of her hanging on the wall there and she showed me a square that she painted 21 years ago. Can you believe she remembers which square is hers?

Lots of people came to Grammy and Grandpa's house for Rosh Hashanah dinner. I was lucky enough to meet my Grammy's friend Arline, as well as lots of other friends of Grammy and Grandpa.

I met my Great Grandaddy and Grandma Helen. We went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch where I snacked on a bottle. Then I got to meet lots of people at Grammy's school. Then that afternoon I met Grammy's friends Bev and Pat.

I met Mommy's friends Daniella and Niels and Nick. I went out for sushi with Daniella and Niels and to Cheesecake Factory with Nick. He got me to smile on purpose for the first time. Mommy was very jealous!

And I went to Grandpa's work and met Gina and George and Robert and lots of other new people. Then Grandpa took me and Mommy to Abe and Louie's for lunch where I munched on a bone in filet (just kidding!).

Mostly I just had fun playing at home with Grammy and Grandpa.

This week my Aunt Fara and Uncle Hunter and cousin Marin are in town for Yom Kippur. Uncle Lander and Uncle Parker were here tonight too to celebrate. I love playing with Marin. She takes good care of me.

This week I am starting daycare so Mommy can go back to work. I am nervous but excited. I am sure I will love it there.

I promise to keep everyone updated more often!

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