Saturday, December 23, 2006

And For The Much Anticipated Update.....

I know, I know. I need to post more often. But I have been very busy. I just celebrated my first Hanukah, with great gifts from everyone! Aunt Rachel got me a book each night. Mommy and Daddy have been reading them to me. Grammy and Papa got me some Robeez with puppies on them, an alligator, a cow, blocks, and stuffed toy. Grandma and Papa Barry got me an awesome castle that has a swing and a slide, a vacuum, and a bunch of other small toys for my new playroom that Mommy and Daddy now have to build to fit all my stuff! I got an elmo, a tigger, a diego doll, a drum, and a piano from Uncle Hunter and Aunt Fara. I got a new seat that I can fit in for the swingset and other chew toys and learning toys for when I sit up from Uncle Parker and Uncle Lander. I got a bear chair from Uncle Buddy and Aunt Ruth. I got a little touch leappad from Aunt Arlene and Uncle Bobby. And there is too much more to even mention!!!! Thank you everyone for spoiling me!

Lighting the Hanukah Candles with Mommy and Daddy

Speaking of my playroom. Mommy and Daddy are going to move the computer upstairs, clean out the office, and it is going to be just for me! I am so excited for them to get off their butts and do it! To have a place that is just mine to play is so exciting!

Last Friday night we went to a Hanukah party at Grandma and Papa's house. I got lots of gifts. Everyone but me got to eat latkes. Mommy said I can try them next year probably.

Sharon and Peter at Grandma and Papa Barry's house

Carol and JoAnne at the Hanukah party. They wanted to take me shopping!

Speaking of eating, I have started cereal. I don't like it one bit! As Papa Allan said, maybe I am a liquitarian. I may go to college with my bottle!

I got to spend lots of time with Uncle Lander this week because he was home from school. Now he is in Washington to meet Riley. I will be there in February!

This week I got to meet my cousins Jessica and Samantha. They came down to visit me and Mommy and Daddy and Aunt Rachel. Grammy came up here and we all went to Disney to the Very Merry Christmas Party. Jesse and Sam are so cool. I had a great time playing with them!

Me and Jessicca

Me and Samantha

At Disney I loved going on the Pooh ride. All the colors made me so happy. And I loved watching the parade go by too!

Is that Mason or an Eeyore doll?

I also got to spend time with Adam and Sandy this week. They were here visiting and I got to hang out with them. They are pretty silly, but I love them anyway. They gave me a onesie that says my Dad is a Geek. Which he is, so it is fun to wear, even though it makes him upset!

Me and Sandy

Me and Adam and Mrs. Zissman

He may be a geek,

But I love him anyway!

I have been playing with Freddy a lot, and love holding a blankie all the time too. I still love Puppy, but Freddy is more fun with all the toys he has. My exersaucer is my new favorite hang out. And I rolled over a couple of times, just to show Mommy that I can do it if I want to, I just usually don't want to!

Aunt Rachel was saying goodbye to me and telling me she was going to miss me while she is gone. She is going to Grammy and Papa's house for a week because she has no school. We were hugging and kissing goodbye and she kept making me smile and laugh because I love her so much.

But then, right before she handed me back, I spit up on her! Maybe she won't miss me so much!


penny said...
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Parker said...

Thanks for the update. It is great to see Mason grow and have so much fun. I can't wait to see you and see all the new fun things you can do.

penny said...

Mason, you are an amazing writer for 4 1/2 months old. You have had a lot of fun adventures and have met so many people. You are very happy and friendly and have the greatest SMILE!!!. We love you so much!
Grandma Penny and Papa Barry

12:33 AM

Rachel Niskar said...

I miss my little flipper of a nephew already! (but not the throwing up part of him...and yes it was throw up, puddle on the floor of The Grand Floridian and all)