Thursday, December 07, 2006

Feeling Sick

I have been home sick all week. This is my first time being sick, and Mommy and Daddy feel really bad for me. But it is just a cold. The doctor says I will get over it in a few days. I just need lots of rest and medicine. And a Mommy or Daddy to stay home with me and give me love. Tomorrow Grammy is coming to stay with me - YAY! That way Mommy and Daddy can both go to work.

I finally got to see pictures of my new cousin Riley. She is adorable. Here we all are. Do you think we look alike?

Me at about 12 hours old

Riley at about 12 hours old

Marin the day she was born (we didn't have a close up)

Mommy thinks Riley looks more like Aunt Fara, but everyone else seems to think she looks like a Gold. She doesn't have the signature Gold puffy cheeks like I have, and Marin had, and my Daddy had.

I know today is my day for a picture in my chair since I am four months old today. I have just been so sick that I am still in my pajamas! I promise we will take it today and post it!

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