Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Flat Stanley

Dear Arielle and HDS Third Graders,

Flat Stanley arrived at my house on Friday, January 19. My Mommy opened the package for me and let me hold him. She read me the letter that came with him and explained to me what we were going to do with him. I got very excited! The next day, Saturday, we went to Epcot. We brought Flat Stanley with us and he sat in my stroller with me. Here is a picture of me with him and the Epcot ball.

Then, the next day, my Mommy's camera broke when she dropped it at work. I was very sad because we had to go several days without taking any pictures of Flat Stanley.

On Friday, January 26, Mommy stayed home with me to hang out. I wore my crazy hat and sweater that day because it was COLD. Here is a picture of me, not too happy, all bundled up with Flat.

That day, we brought Flat to your class to see my Grandma and Flat's mom Arielle. Here are pictures of me, Mommy, Flat, and Arielle, and another one of the whole class. I was the only person who brought Flat Stanley to visit the class!

The next day, Saturday, Grandma and Pops took me and Flat Stanley to a birthday party for Rebekah. Here is a picture of me, Pops, and Flat in front of the sign where the party was.

And here is a picture of me, Flat Stanley, and Grandma Lily (Rebekah's great-grandmother).

On Monday, January 29, Mommy took Flat Stanley with her to work. She is an engineer and sometimes has to wear a hard hat. Flat asked if he could try, and of course Mommy said yes. He also took a picture drinking coffee, because Mommy couldn't start her day without it.

This coming Thursday we are going to Maryland to visit my cousins. We are going to bring Flat with us to meet another Flat from your class. We will take pictures of Flat on the plane and we will bring both Flats home with us next Monday.


Mason Reed Gold

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wendy said...

How cool...can I be a Flat Wendy and travel too?!?