Wednesday, February 07, 2007

1/2 of the Leventhal Clan

While we were visiting in Maryland, I got to meet two more members of the Leventhal family. Eleanor and Julie met us for breakfast on Sunday in Rockville, where Julie lives. Aaron and Jackie couldn't come because they both had to work :(. I was so good during breakfast, Mommy is sure I was just trying to show off so that Eleanor would give Grammy a good report. However, this was the first meal where I tried to get silverware, napkins, and drinks from the table. I guess we are entering a new phase!

Me and Ellie

Me and Julie - I took to her really well!

I liked touching her face.....

And pulling her hair!

But she took it like a real trooper. Mommy was very impressed!


Grammy said...

wish I was with you too to visit Ellie and Julie...

Anonymous said...

It was so great seeing you! We love the pictures and we absolutely fell in love with Mason.

Ellie and Julie