Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Gold Photo Shoot

Daddy and Uncle Hunter had fun trying to get all three of us to pose for pictures together. Uncle Hunter got better shots, so check out his blog at
Pulling hair is one of my favorite activities - here I tried it out on Marin

But since Mommy begged, I cooperated for just one picture. Of course, Riley turned her head during this one.
Riley wants to know why her sister and cousin are SO rowdy!
Here is a cute one of me and Riles. Doesn't she look so much tinier than me? But, we do look like we could be brother and sister, don't you think? (Riles is my nick name for her.)

While Riley napped, Marin and I played together. Here she showed me her drum.

And here, I sat on Daddy's shoulders.
I loved playing with all of Marin's old toys!
And Marin loved rediscovering them too!

Just chillin' together

Even BeeBee and FiFi got in on the action.

Marin insisted that Mommy take a picture of her hand. So, here it is Marin.

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