Monday, May 07, 2007

Chef Mickeys Character Breakfast

My family all went to Chef Mickey's for a character breakfast. I sat between Marin and Mommy. Marin explained what was going to happen. She said that many characters would come through the restaurant and I would get to meet them. I was prepared - I had my blankie ready.

And I know how to smile when there is a camera around - look at this one!

All I need now is some food - where is it?

The first character - Minnie Mouse. Marin got right up and hugged her. I looked at the situation but decided to go back to my food. Notice the Cheerio on my cheek.

Daddy and I took a picture with Goofy - his favorite character.

Marin in a funny picture - her head is huge and her body is tiny.

I have already decided - I love Mickey!

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Grammy said...

This was truly the sweetest moment in Disney history!!!!

Rachel said...

#1) you can;t be a niskar/gold and NOT love mickey at birth!
#2) i think mommy looks more anxious and excited about th breakfast than you do!