Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

For Father's Day, we had Papa Barry, Grammy and Papa, and Aunt Rachel over for brunch.
Here is a good picture of me with Papa.

And one with Aunt Rachel. Papa Barry is in the background (and so is Owen!)

Me and my DADDY on his special day. I made clay pots that I painted (with Mommy and Aunt Rachel's help) and put cute plants in to give to Daddy and my Papas.

Me with all the Daddy's on Father's Day.

I think I enjoyed the brunch more than any of the Daddys did!

Me and my Daddy!
Daddy making fish lips at me.
And eating my hand! He is so silly.
Papa making a goofy face!
I love being held upside down like this! Don't my Papas look nervous though?


grammy said...

GREAT Daddy pictures!!!!!

grammy said...

you have to click on the picture with Tayler eating Mason's hand to see a close up of Mason's face...It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Cute!!!

Rachel said...

omg he looks like a flopping fish out of water!