Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Weekend with Grandma and Pops

I spent the weekend with Grandma and Pops while Mommy and Daddy went to Michigan for Jesse and Sam's Bat Mitzvah. I missed them a lot, but I got to do a ton of cool stuff with Grandma and Pops. And of course, Grandma captured it all on camera.

On Saturday morning, Pops had to work. So Grandma and I went to the mall to play on the playground. I loved sitting in this car:

This one, not so much:

Saturday afternoon we played at home while we waited for Pops to get home.

Once Pops got home, we went to Sea World! I loved the Shamu show. Especially when Shamu jumped out of the water!

On Sunday I started to get a little home sick. I tried to use my Flounder cell phone to call Mommy and Daddy but it wouldn't work.

This is what Mommy calls my fake smile. It is just SO big because I am SO happy, she doesn't believe I could really be THAT happy.

Grandma spent much of the weekend teaching me new things. One thing I learned was that when you say "Oy Vey" I put my hands to my head, like this:

Another thing I did with Grandma was spend a lot of time looking at her picture wall. I love pointing to the pictures and listening to Grandma tell me who is in them. I even tried to take one picture of Marin off the wall!

On Sunday night Grandma and Pops tried to do my Sunday tradition with a bath in the big tub. It was a big flop. I HATED IT!

But later on after my bath, I was very happy hanging out in bed with Pops.

Another thing I did a lot of this weekend is looking out the window. I love to look for squirrels and other animals that might pass by.

Here is a cookie (caca) that I had at the mall with Grandma and Pops on Monday. When Mommy picked me up she and Daddy took me grocery shopping. I got a sample cookie in the store. A few minutes later I was screaming "CACA, CACA" because I wanted another cookie. Just how many cookies did I eat this weekend?
I love my Pops!
I had such a great time with Grandma and Pops. Can't wait to do it again!


jackie said...

When did he get teeth?!?!

Grammy said...

What a great weekend Mason had!!!

Reilly said...

I love those Publix cookies too Mason. Can you teach me to say CaCa?? That would really annoy my mom and dad ;-)