Thursday, November 01, 2007


For Halloween I was a spider. Grammy made my costume. Mommy was afraid I wouldn't wear it because I screamed the first time she put me in it. But this time I was fine!
I really don't like the hat though!

I did let them get a couple decent pictures with it on.

I trick-or-treated at four houses and got pretzels, a reese's peanut butter cup, and some other toys. I wanted to go inside everyone's house, but Mommy and Daddy wouldn't let me. I had a lot of fun!


CookFamily said...

Mason is an adorable little man and a great spider! Thanks for being the inspiration for Savannah's blog, I look forward to your updates and photos with Aunt Rachel.

Grammy said...

the absolute cutest itsy, bitsy spider in the world...kena hora, poo poo poo! Mason says: If you knock on someone's door why wouldn't you go in????

Reilly said...

VERY cute Mason, I wish I could have seen you! I see your parents put "Gold" in the driveway, does that help people find you? ;-)

snlfreak82 said...

so cute!!