Friday, April 25, 2008

Around the House

I have a new obsession with sunglasses. I wear them ALL the time. When I lost a pair at Grandma and Pops (they think I threw them away) it was a big tragedy because I had to go a day without my glasses. I was not happy!

One afternoon I woke up from nap and had planned to play outside. But to my surprise it was raining! So I stood at the backdoor, with my blankie and stool, and just wished I could be out there.

I got over the rain pretty quickly and put on my happy face.
I love it when Daddy puts my tent up in my playroom!!!!!


CookFamily said...

Mason, I am glad you have something in common with jack Nicholson. You are officially the only people cool enough to wear sunglasses indoors.

Regina said...

it is true, Mason is the coolest...LOVE to see him just PLAY!!!