Friday, April 25, 2008


Passover might be my favorite holiday! I was so good both nights, sitting at the table with all the adults and listening to the stories and prayers. After every prayer I said "Amen". I must have learned that at school!

First night at our house - Mommy cooked and Daddy led the service.

Giving Pops a big kiss!

Second night at Grandma and Pops clubhouse - with 30 people!

Looking for the Afikomen

When I found it I said "Cracker". I couldn't believe everyone was making such a deal about finding a cracker!

But then Grandma gave me a cool toy for finding it!

"Drinking my wine"

Grandma and Pops clubhouse has a piano (panano)

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Regina said...

Both seders were really nice in different ways. Jaime and Tayler's was special family and Penny and Barry's added friends...watching Mason participate was the BEST!!!!