Thursday, July 24, 2008

Second Bath

When I was born, Mommy took pictures of me every day.  Every milestone was photographed.  With Layla, not so much.  Poor second child.  Here is a picture of her second bath, since Mommy missed the first one.


penny said...

Grandma Camera is on the JOB!!! Layla--I promise to keep taking photos..... You look so relaxed and so cute in your tub.
Love, Grandma Penny

Rachel said...

I feel your pain Layla, I feel your Mom (your Grammy) even wrote down when my sister (your mom) pooped, peed, and ate...for me, nothing!

snlfreak82 said...

yeah i hear that...being the 2nd child you get jipped. my baby book contained my name and where i was born. everything else...completely blank.