Saturday, October 18, 2008

Disney Breakfast

When my cousins Marin and Riley were here we got to go to breakfast with them at Chef Mickey's in something that has become an annual event.  Mommy missed the breakfast this year because she had Wendy's baby shower so Daddy took me and Layla alone.  I swear Layla was there even though there are NO pictures of her.  Um, that kind of sounds like a story of Daddy's where his parents swear he was with them on a trip to Disney in 1981 but there is not a single picture of him from the week long trip.  Anyway, back to me!  Marin and I danced around with Donald and waved our napkins like they have you do at Chef Mickey's.  I ate lots of waffles (my favorite).  Minnie drew me a picture.  Mickey played tag with me.  I hung out with both of my cousins.  AND - I got to see the monorail - one of my new favorites.

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