Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yom Kippur

These pictures are from October 8 and 9 - from the lost pictures that Mommy finally figured out how to recover!

This year all my uncles and their families were here for Yom Kippur.  These reunions are getting more and more rare since Uncle Lander moved to DC too.  The last time we were all together was a year and a half ago - when Uncle Lander graduated from college.  I had a GREAT time playing with Marin and Riley.

At Break Fast I got to play the piano at the clubhouse again (like I did at Passover).  This time Riley played with me!

It's a tradition that every time our family gets together we take a picture all the kids (and now grandkids).  Mommy and Daddy used to take these pictures with only six people (just them, Uncle Hunter, Aunt Fara, Uncle Parker, and Uncle Lander).  Now there are so many of us it's hard to get a good one - even with Paparazzi Grandma around!

We took this one with silly faces on purpose.  Me, Riley, and Layla don't quite get the concept of a silly face yet.  Notice that almost everyone's silly face involved tongues stuck out.

On Kol Nidre we took our first ever family picture with all four of us.  Crazy that it took four months to do this!

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Regina said...

Beautiful Family!!!!