Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sick with Flu Day 4 = 2 Months Worth of Posts

Things have been very busy for the last few months in the Gold house.  Everyone but me has been sick (knock on wood that I don't get sick!).  Grammy visited a lot.  Uncle Buddy, Aunt Ruth, and Barbara were here for two weeks.  And Aunt Rachel was here for a little while too.  We celebrated Hanukah and I loved lighting the lights and playing with my new presents.  I like playing with Layla's new presents even more than mine....  We celebrated New Years Eve with the Harrises and the Orrs.  I still can't get enough of music, which is good because most of my Hanukah presents were music related!

This is Layla on her six month birthday.  She is getting big so fast.  Look at the little bunny slippers!

As a treat for Layla's six month birthday we got to take a bath together for the first time.  I wasn't allowed to splash and be Shamu so it wasn't that fun.

While we were visiting Grammy and Papa Layla and I had band practice.  She played piano and I played guitar.  I think she wanted my guitar though - at least that's how it looks in this picture.

I went to Magic Kingdom with Reilly and Marek.  Before leaving we tried to get a picture in front of the castle.  None of us was interested in the picture.  Marek was playing with his new Woody doll.  Reilly was showing off her panties.  I was looking back to see the show at the castle.  And where were Layla and Brooke?

Layla's first time in the swing at the park.  I think she liked it!

I almost kicked Mommy in the face while she was taking this shot.

Layla always wants to put her hands in her mouth.  Isn't she beautiful?

I love when lots of people are over and I can conduct a large band.

Layla loves her vegetables.  And she loves playing with them!

Marek and I had a sleepover at Reilly's house for New Years Eve.  Reilly was with us at first but we weren't going to sleep so she got taken away.

This is my awesome drum set that Mommy and Daddy got me for Hanukah.  I play it every day.  The rule is that I have to be in the playroom with the door shut to jam because it is LOUD.

Sitting on a basketball watching the Magic game, just a classic picture.

Layla always gets to sit in her seat on the bench when we are getting ready to leave.  One day I climbed up there with her.

Happy baby

I like to wear Daddy's shoes.

Layla got to meet Daniella and Niels when we were at Grammy and Papa's for Thanksgiving.


amberorr said...

I totally love the picture of Mason playing his drums. He looks sooo dang proud! Too cute! I also love the one of Layla in the swing.

I might have to steal the picture of the boys sleeping in the playroom. That was just too cute. )

Regina said...

GREAT update!!!!!! Keep them coming...

Rachel said...

I miss them so much! Layla is so beautiful!

Lander said...

I MISS YOU BOTH SOOOOO MUCH! I think I need to come and visit very very soon. But if I do, can I join your band, Mason? And Layla, will you share your veggies with me?

Favorite picture goes to Mason sitting on the basketball watching the Magic game with no shirt on, I see his teenage years already!

You both are so adorable and I love you so much!

-Uncle Lander