Sunday, March 01, 2009

Trip to Atlanta

Mommy and I went to visit Aunt Rachel for the weekend by ourselves.  I told Daddy several times that he and Layla couldn't come with us, only me and Mommy.  We had a great time.  We went to a children's museum where I got to paint on a big wall (with Aunt Rachel's help):

Then I got to put on a bee raincoat and go fishing in a pond (again, with Aunt Rachel's help):

Then I showed Aunt Rachel the "housekeeping" section of the museum:

I sat on the big John Deere tractor and learned about where food comes from and how it gets to the grocery store:

Our whole trip was really rainy.  We went to Stone Mountain but couldn't even see the mountain because it was really foggy.  The last day it started to snow.  Our one hour flight home became a 15 1/2 hour adventure for me and Mommy.  It wasn't as bad as it seems because I was really good.  I cooperated and listened to Mommy really well.  Below is a picture of me looking out the window at our plane with snow all over it:

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