Wednesday, February 07, 2007

6 Months! (Guest Blogger - Mommy)

Hap Bir T Yo,
Hap Bir T Yo,
Hap Bir De Mas,
Hap Bir T Yo,

You'll get the other half of the song in six more months!


Today you are six months old. Can you believe how time flies? I have learned so many things about myself, you, and your daddy in the last six months that I could go on for hours. Most of all, I learned that it is possible to love something more than you love yourself. The picture sequence above pretty much sums you up right now. While I was taking your six month pictures this morning, you reached toward me and rocked the chair forward and fell onto the carpet. You are happy. You want to reach for everything in sight. And you don't yet understand consequences. Because of this, we have to watch you 24 hours a day. It is hard work! But you are so cute that it makes up for it.

In the last week or so, you have truly become a real "person" and I can see that you have thoughts and plan things out now. You love carrots, but not squash. You talk. Of course it is all "Da, Da, Da" and squealing, but you are definitely trying to verbalize. You love when we sing to you, especially Laurie Berkner's songs. You love your blankie. You love baths. You have two new teeth! You sit up on your own, at least for a little while. When you get tired, you just fall back and roll onto your tummy. You loved playing with your cousin Marin. You are happy in the morning, but somewhat cranky in the evening. You grab for EVERYTHING. And you waved goodbye to Uncle Hunter the other day.

I can't wait to see what the next six months bring, dude.


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Grammy said...

Mason, your mommy wrote beautiful words for you...she is as special as you are to me! Love, Grammy