Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Just a Walk in the Park

On Sunday Grammy, Mommy, and Daddy took me to the park. We did the swings, rode a purple dinosaur, and slid down the slide. It was lots of fun. I think I will be frequenting that park for the next several years! I had a great time with Grammy this weekend. We went to Mount Dora on Saturday and walked around the shops. And on Monday she stayed with me in the morning and then Daddy stayed with me in the afternoon. I played in my playroom all day long! My new favorite toy is the leap frog learning table - thanks Uncle Hunter and Aunt Fara! Of course, now Mommy can't get the songs from it out of her head.
Sorry for the lack in posting recently. I wore the cutest outfit on Valentine's Day, but Mommy forgot to take my picture in the morning. Daddy took one with his cell phone, but there is no way to upload that to the blog. Then Aunt Rachel picked me up from school in the afternoon and took me to her house. She didn't have any toys for me to play with. I tried eating her toe. She decided that was gross and gave me a pen to play with. The pen exploded. On my onesie and her pants. And the ink didn't come out in the wash. Good thing it was a one time wear outfit! And don't worry, Aunt Rachel now has toys at her house for me to play with. Trucks!


Grandma Penny said...

WOW!! It looks like Mason had a great time! Where is the purple dinosaur park?
lovehugsandkisses, grandma penny

Anonymous said...

I miss Mason (almost as much as I miss you!). He is so super cute on the purple dinosaur especially!!

<3- Wendy

Anonymous said...

I know who the Baby and the Dinosaur is...Who's the woman holding Mason?


ilana said...

Wow! Mason is absolutely delicious! And, he has one amazing mom who somehow manages to find time to keep this great blog! Mason is a lucky lucky boy!

love, ilana