Saturday, May 19, 2007

Meeting Mia

Mommy and Aunt Rachel took me to Gainesville on Saturday to visit some friends. We went to the Swamp for lunch with Kelly after we looked at her wedding album. She has a dog that looks just like Chyna. The puppy wanted to play with me so bad and she was so well behaved. I was just interested in crawling away while Mommy changed my diaper. After we left Kelly's we went to Mommy's friend's house. Lisa and Conrad have two daughters, Sasha and Amelia (Mia). Mia was just born 7 weeks ago, but Sasha is older than me. I played with some of Sasha's old toys including my favorite - the leap frog table. Both girls were napping when we got there, but then they both woke up so I got to meet them! We took some pictures with Mia before Sasha was up.

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LittleRazz said...

sasha still talks about mason, even though she met him for all of five minutes. i ask her who her friends are and she always names Mason as one of the first. it is so cute to hear her say his name! glad we got to see you!