Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tunnel Vision

Saturday night I slept over Grandma and Pops' house again. Grandma got me a tunnel to crawl through. I am all about the tunnel, especially if there is a blankie or a Grandma at the other end!

I also got to sit in Papa Louie's chair from a really long time ago. They must really trust me if they let me sit in such an old chair. Daddy used the chair to give me my breathing treatment.

I got to hang out with Uncle Lander when I was there too. He was home for one day, then went back to Gainesville. Pretty soon he is going to be moving to DC. I need to get in all the Uncle Lander time I can before now and then!

Papa and I played on the floor while Grandma and Uncle Lander did one of their famous photo shoots. I am always ready to smile!

Reason I slept over their house - Mommy and Daddy went out! Don't they look cute?

1 comment:

Grammy said...

They are cute, but not as cute as you...look at how much fun you are having!!!!