Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My Birthday Party

On Sunday August 5, Mommy and Daddy had a birthday party for me that had a musical theme. My friends and I played with music toys and we ate music cake and there were musical notes on the windows around the room. I had a great time hanging out with my friends and seeing all my relatives.
An overall photo of the room where my party was. See all the music toys we played with?

A special sign that Grandma and Pops made for me.

A centerpiece with musical instruments that Grandma and Pops made.

The party favors that Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Rachel, and Justin made. Justin was a great sticker puter oner. Daddy was a great ribbon curler. In the bags are maracas, blow up guitars, and cymbals.

Braylon playing with a yellow balloon.

Me playing with the maracas.

Braylon was helping me try to figure out what all those big presents were.

Jules and I worked on the piano.

Reilly had her hair in pigtails. Braylon and I are going to fighting over her in a few years!

Jules went for a maraca

These instruments are great - good idea for my party Mom!

And then they brought out my cake.....

Mommy dressed me in a special onesie to eat my cake that said "It's fun to be One"

This was a very good idea! (Look at me!)

Unlike most of my friends, I demolished that cake

And then clapped for myself!

But wait, why are you taking it away - I wasn't finished!

Can you believe that after all that cake I still went home and took a two hour nap! I was exhausted. Thanks to all my friends and family who came to my party and helped me celebrate!


sandy said...

that party looks like it was adorable! hope you guys got our happy birthday message from last night! seriously - happy birthday to mason, but congrats to you and t on one whole year of being parents! wahoo!

Reilly said...

Thanks for inviting me to your party, Mason. I had so much fun and I love my blow up guitar!!

Grammy said...

the party was the most...from decorations to musical entertainment to food, etal...The best was how much Mason enjoyed his cake!!!!